Broadcasting 24/7 only for Electronic Music Addicts

Broadcasting 24/7 with the finest of House & Electronic Music from DJ’s & Producers from around the world … Generating Emotions is the only thing that matters for us bringing our love for House music to your eyes & ears . Enjoy .

About On Demand Section

Generate is in general the First On Demand Radio ever created in Greece.

Login Users of Generate Project will be provided with all their favourite Producers Podcasts & Mixes 1 day after the Original Live Broadcast through our On Demand database.

All you have to do is simply Sign Up or Sign In & witness some cool features.

Top 100 will be updated every day, So do u think you can have your most beloved Mix on the Top?

All you have to do is, to Take Part & be the judge for “your” Top 100 over the On Demand Downloads.

On Demand has firstly Seen around the Glob at the last 10 years, but never been tried over a Greek Web Radio.

So only for Our Greek based Producers we will feature their Mixes & Podcasts over On Demand for 7 days after the 1st Broadcast exclusively for our Login Users only.

You Won’t Find those mixes anywhere else over the 7 day period so there is a really good reason to stay close to Generate Project. That’s all for talking, let’s play some music then …!

Meet the Staff



I was born in 1985 in Patras and as long as i can remember myself i always loved electronic music.My favorite musical instruments were ... Read more

Kostas T.

Kostas T

Trying to keep the balance of life and djing with a very strong musical passion in his back, Kostas T has been in the mix for more than 12 .. Read more

Dimitris Karatzaferis

Dimitris Karatzaferis

Dim is being occupied in a total different enviroment than music . He is a professional Cook but always loved House Music. Read more

Spiros Louk

Spiros Loukopoulos

Spiros was born in 1984 in Patras. From 11 years old,was initiated in electronic music.The Prodigy and Rave music... Read more

Vasilis Vervitas

Vasilis Vervitas

Bill has the sophisticated party instinct because he was born in Miami and grew up in Patras. He is a dedicated clubber with over 20 visited countries.. Read more

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